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August 2016
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A lot has changed at the ole famcamp since I last reviewed it in 2012, sadly not for the better. The Arnold famcamp is more like the Arnold "trailer park." Homesteading is alive and well here in this very poorly managed military rv park. Stays of 1, 2 or 3 months are the norm rather than the exception. There were always 10 drive thru spots designated for long term stays, which is great. However, now it seems any spot can be reserved for stays as long as you want. At 12 bucks a night, its cheaper than storing your rv downtown. I'm sure that doesn't pay the electric bill. In fact, just rent a spot for a few days and stay as long as you want. If someone shows up who reserved your spot, they'll just stick him in any old spot they can, whether or not its suitable for your rv. Ask me how I know. Yes, with the park always full, the shower houses are filthy and should be shutdown by the health department. But at 12 bucks a night no one seems to mind I guess. Most "campers" don't seem to spend much time in their units anyhow. They just set them up and come by on the weekends. They have rules at the famcamp, its just that nobody follows them or seems to care. They play fast and loose with the eligible camper rules also. If you know someone that works on the base, he can reserve a site for you and nobody will be the wiser. There is no accountability at this park. Its off the base proper, so there is no gate to go through, no ids are checked. Sponsors are supposed to be at the site when its occupied, but that doesn't happen. For the very few that are able to work the system and reserve a nice spot for months at a time, its great. For the rest of us, who want to get away with our families for a few days or a week, forget it, you can't do it, all the nice, easily accessible spots are taken. I should be able to reserve a spot 40 days in advance, but forget that rule also. I tried to reserve a spot once and realized I was too far in advance, but then I was told, "oh we don't really care too much about that." If you need a spot for a night, just camp at any open spot, they'll never know it. Don't worry about checkout time either, its optional. They really have no idea what's going on in the famcamp, what spots are open or not. My biggest concern is when the Air Force becomes aware of this gross mismanagement, they'll shut the park down. They closed a beach/picnic area when the base determined it wasn't being used by eligible personnel. Really a shame this famcamp doesn't function as it should and provide a nice camping experience for "real" campers. Instead it functions as a "trailer park" for a few.
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August 18, 2016
Wow im going there at the end of the month for 30 days. I hope its better than you state. Thanks for you taking the time to post your feelings.
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