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Tennessee 58292
April 11, 2007
(Updated: April 20, 2007)
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Lovely on the lake, with lots for kids to do/explore. Although very old, it's being maintained much better than many old military CGs I've been to. Not many sites out here, and, being not behind gates, there was a shooting among "locals" at one of the pavillions! The host told me to keep watch of my kids on weekend nights. No recycling here, on base though at the end of Wasp Rd and to the right (you'll see it). There are laundry and showers at the top part of the CG. Lower CG has only water/electric and is by the lake house, and can recieve WiFi reception; on the hill=no reception. Minimal organic at the Commissary; 30 mins into Memphis though to Wild Oats. The other CG (called Mid-Way) in on base a mile or two behind the commissary; has nicer sites, you get phone card computer connections, but there is still no shower/laundry facility. The building is in place, but it's not close (right now) to being completed. There is a back gate with easy access for big rigs, but I couldn't tell you how to get in. Hopefully, the new (whenever that is) Military Camping book will have better directions and more accurate phone numbers for both these places.
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