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Tennessee 123341
June 2014
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Only appears to be 2 or 3 semi level spots. A series challenge to level. Also a challenge to get in several spots if more than 25 feet. Nice quite little CG to spend a few days, however don't make the mistake of reserving for an extended time, as you pay in full when making the reservation. I've had to move 3 times in 6 days. 1st time was due to my 5'er hanging over a steep drop and I didn't feel secure 2nd spot was nice, but someone had it reserved so after 3 days moved again 3rd move was aggravating as the spot directly across from me had 5 vehicles, a boat trailer and the camper in their spot. I needed at least 2 of the vehicles moved so that I could jack around enough to get in my spot. After several attempts to get someone to come out, I finally accepted the fact that no one was home. This was around 8:30am. My biggest dislike is the fact that sites are assigned at time of the reservation. Having never been here I wasn't aware of the problems mentioned earlier. After having a discussion with people (from the local area) in 2 adjacent prime sites, they told me that they were sponsored by a friend who wasn't even on the premises. These people were nice, but not remotely eligible to reap the benefits that some of us actually earned. Due to the 4th of July holiday coming up, and my original site not working out, I will have to leave 10 days prior to my original departure date as all sites are reserved. A refund is coming but there are no chances of having a site anywhere due to the holiday. Nice location with a friendly and helpful staff.
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