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20-22Feb 2007
(Updated: November 13, 2015)
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We were confused reading about Mid-South or Navy Memphis or whatever it's called. There are 2 RV parks here at Navy Memphis. The "Midway" RV park that is ON BASE (behind the gates) has NO facilities. No bathrooms no showers. There was 1 Motorhome marked "host" but no one was home. There were 15 identical Keystone Hornet TT's with no tags set out thru' out the park, but no one was using them ?? It's right behind the base commissary. To get to "Midway" there are barricades to weave thru' at both gates and I don't think I could make it thru' either one. I couldn't get a cop to tell me how to get on base to that RV park without having to make the barricades. We inspected this "Midway" RV park w/out our TT, after we settled into a spot at the "other" RV park. It's called Navy Lake. It's across the street and about 3 miles from the main base. No gates on barricades to get into this one. It's on a pretty little lake, but is very sparse. The 8 paved (back-in only)sites with W/E & sewer hook-up were really just parking lot spots. We opted for a gravel site 100 yds down the road. The bath-house nearest the gravel pads has some old, old bathrooms & no showers. The showers are down the road near the paved sites. I resisted making jokes about "Navy" showers until our neighbor who was USN retired made them himself. I have never seen a shower that narrow. He told me they were smaller than on board a Navy ship. I knew they were small since my shoulders touched the walls. They worked; had good hot water, but were poor in cleanliness and maintenance. Main base Navy PX & commissary are first class. No library. For internet hookup take your own Wi-Fi 'puter to the Rec Center (Single Sailors Center)on the opposite side of the base Gym. Or use their computers to check email, like we did. Very friendly. Pharmacy is in the PX mall. They weren't allowed to re-fill my civilian prescription but gave me an emerg 30 day supply- gratis!! Great folks.They can re-fill military 'scripts. Golf course was very nice. Brand new HUGE clubhouse under construction. The drive into Beal Street (Memphis) takes about 45 minutes, but we loved Navy Lake's quiet, secluded location and didn't mind the drive into the Big city.
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