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Tennessee 93082
3-4 November 2013
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What started out as a very nice campground a few years ago, has turned into the worst NAVY campground we have seen in our 10 years of full time RVing. The campground itself has trash abundant in just about every site, I saw bags of trash in two vacant sites just walking to the laundry and back. The abundance of built up dirt on the road surfaces indicate that the roads have not been swept for months and the overall appearance is of a very old junky county park. Of the 48 sites 1/3 of them have rental trailers on them. The “Bath House” is the biggest joke. The rear entrance door is barricaded and taped with caution tape because the wood on the porch is removed for repair, but nothing is being done, the project appears abandoned. The interior is trashed out. The TV has no remote and cannot receive a signal using the controls on the set itself, absolutely no reception on any channel. I even tried to get a signal through the DVD/VHS player, but no such luck. There are two temporary portable air conditioners that are set on a footstool and a chair, I guess because the buildings A/C unit is broken. There are 8 fluorescent lights in the ceiling, one does not work and four of the others are about to burn out as half of the bulbs are missing or blinking, and ready to go out. Of the 7 working lights there are three different types of bulbs used. The chairs appear to be from an old hospital waiting room, very uncomfortable for watching the TV that does not work or sitting and reading while waiting for your laundry to finish. The two dryers do not dry the clothes on one timed cycle, even a small load requires to cycles to get them dry. There is a broken (cracked) window facing the front. There was a poster on the wall advertising an event in June 2013 (it is now November 2013). I observed three different dogs running loose with the owners just watching them, (one from his RV door while his big dog did his duty out behind the RV, it was not picked up.) Another was a puppy that chased after me from its RV about a block away, I didn't see any dog mess anywhere, but the doggy bags for the rear doggy bag dispenser was laying on the ground. (I did pick them up and put them back into the dispenser). On a positive side, the staff at the MWR office were top notch. Very positive and jubilant. Also the two washing machines did appear to work. It is a shame that this RV park has deteriorated to this condition. It appears that there is no interest in maintaining it as it should be. The bath house needs to be demolished and replaced with one that is functional. Both the men and women’s showers open right up to the common area of the laundry area and TV/Reading area. These should not have access to the common area, yuck.
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