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Tennessee 93082
June 20 - 23, 2013
(Updated: July 11, 2013)
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I am currently in route to California and decided to go off the beaten track to stay here hoping they had an auto repair place on base. Unfortunately they do not. I called at least a dozen times today and got the answering machine. Left my number the first time and they did not call me back. Finally about an hour out I got a real person. The campground is very clean and nice wide spots for big rigs. It's a very nice base. I hooked up to the 30 amp fired up the AC and then used microwave and the 30 amp tripped immediately. Had to get my adapter and hook up to 50 amp. Tried the cable TV and only got 6 channels however picked up 27 with my antenna. Internet connection is terrible. The reservations for the RV parks is run by the ITT. They normally do not open until 11AM because they are open until 9PM. I went to the office to extend my stay and found that there is one operator at the desk most of the time and they are doing the ITT duties, Gateway Inn and RV parks reservations. I witnessed them being very busy so this would explain why I did not get call backs and it was hard to get a live person on the phone.
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