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November 2012
(Updated: November 05, 2012)
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This campground is out of the way, but facilities could be very nice with management. There is only one sign showing where this area is on base. Ask at gate direction to commissary. We found of the 4 gate guards only 1 knew where the campground was located. The area is behind the commissary, turn beside the commissary (opposite side from water tower)then take 1st road to right. No sign at this road,just look for campers. The campers sit on concrete pads, with lots of room. There is an active duty host, currently in very back on site 20. No information was available in mailbox as sign beside it and this website states. Rec Office opens at 2pm to 9pm on weekends so after finding the host for help he said park and call rec office after 2pm. There were no doggie sacks and trash can was full. Nice bathhouse, laundry, tv, rec area located in only building in area. Big trees, concrete pads and roads. BX is one of the better ones I've seen. But for a small base there are lots of high ranking officers so military facilities are nice, but have overlooked their money maker - the famcamp. ADDITIONAL SIGNAGE, CAMPGROUND NEEDS OVERALL MAINTENANCE AND SUPPLIES, A BETTER SIGN-IN PLAN, AND A FULL TIME HOST THAT ACTUALLY DOES HOST DUTIES (like watching for new campers, filling doggie bags and insuring campground is clean and working properly). There was a plastic sign laying on the ground by empty info mailbox that said host on site 20, but no arrow to show which cul-de-sac that site is located. We asked a person walking down the street for direction. Not knowing the campground layout and driving a large motorhome with tow you need to know where you can get into and out of without problems. A nice campground overall needs TLC to make it really nice. Better than many military campgrounds we have used.
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