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Tennessee 93082
June 22-24, 2012
(Updated: June 27, 2012)
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Entered from hwy 385 at the south gate. Lanes are very narrow, and slalom comes are extremely close together; you have to take it slow entering. Commissary is within walking distance. Presently, on the weekends, visitors such as us have to exit/enter the base thru the south gate; to exit/enter the gate with access to Navy Road, you need a super-duper/handy-dandy I.D. card. Felt like a second class citizen due to this situation, which adds miles to a trip to Millington. On the south gate, the slalom cones are extremely closed together and narrow. The ITT is closed on the weekend. Stay away from site 22; it is missing the potable water hook up. We had site 24, and hooked up our 30 amp cord; kept popping the circuit breaker on utility connection; had to use a 50 amp with adapter. No cable. We had reservations, arrived at the r.v. park, made our selection, and called the number on the sign at the front of the park. A kind clerk took our credit card info over the phone. All in all, a good place to spend a few days. A Wal Mart is in Millington, but due to gate situation, stay on hwy 204 for a few miles, and one appears to your right.
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