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(Updated: May 13, 2012)
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We are long term campers and spent quite a bit of time here. While the base is quiet and scenery is great, the service is poor. Rules change all the time and without notice. Military members, active and retired are not really welcome here. Military rates have been discontinued, and even with a credit card from card services, campground will not honor their discounts. ALL long term campers were notified this week that rules changes required them to be out of the campground without notice. This is not the first time as they did the same last year when they discontinued the military discount. The base is full of contractors and these always complain about how the military HAD the benefit to stay long term. Guess we now have seen the light on who actually runs the base. Its not the military, but contractors. The management here is always surprised to learn bathrooms are always dirty. To this date, there is still a broken toilet in men's bathroom from 2 years ago. Last month, a dead rat stayed in men's room for 6 weeks. Bathroom walls have not been cleaned for over a year, nor has the dead bugs in the light been cleaned for same period. Campers are at time required to carry their own toilet paper due to non stocking by campground. A recruit on their 3rd day of training knows more about cleaning than the staff here at the campground. Pouring bleach on the floors is not a cleaning.
Campsite trash is a toss up for when it will be emptied. We had trash in bin for over 4 weeks and decided to just use dumpster on site. 2 cases of Rocky Mountain Tick Fever have been known to be from this campground.
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