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Dec 2011
(Updated: December 13, 2011)
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Not sure how, but thinking account was hacked. I did NOT write the 2011 Oct review for this campground. While I agree with many of the things written here I did not submit such article. Cass and I along with Bryan and Sheryl have enjoyed out times here at Arnold but we are not happy about the removal of the Military discount for any active and retired military members. I think that DOD personnel should enjoy some of the lifestyles since they work here on base and do us a service but they are not MILITARY and do not and should not enjoy the prices that were set in place for us military members. I think it is a great disappointment and disservice to those who have given their time to the military that a military base does not honor such much less take it away. As for the cleanliness of the facilities and such, well they are less than what I would expect on a military base and will leave it at that. Michael Blythe Site 35.
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