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Tennessee 93082
21/22 October 2010
(Updated: October 25, 2010)
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Arrived after 5:00 on Sunday. Went thru Navy Rd. gate showing ID cards only...NO PROBLEM. Found info in the mailbox at park entrance. Tried calling the info #...No answer. Found an empty site, got set up, and went to REC CENTER building to get registered. SO FAR...SO GOOD. Got up Monday morning and went grocery shopping and got back to the base showing ID's like we have done all week at another base Famcamp. This time I was directed to the PASS and ID Building to get a pass for the vehicle. Went inside and told I needed ID, Drivers license, Proof of insurance, and registration on vehicle. The "lady" took 1 look at my ID that I have carried for at least 40 years and said she would need to keep it and I needed a new one. And since I do not carry the vehicle registration with me I could not even go on the base to retrieve my trailer if I chose to leave. She finally called base security to do a vehicle registration check that came back ok, and I got a new ID card. Over all the campground is super.....just need to get all bases on the same page as far as whats needed to come and go to make life simpler.
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