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Tennessee 93082
28 June - 28 July 2010
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It was like running a gauntlet getting in the back gate. It would have been easier if they would let you come in the commercial entrance. But that is not always possible, due to back up of commercial vehicles waiting for inspection. The main gate at Wasp Ave has a little wider entrance and would actually be easier to get in with a big rig and toad. Still no gas station, and it looks like there won't be for quite a while. No work being done in that area at all. Many sites at the RV park still occupied with trailers for rent to flood victims, but for the most part they sit empty, plugged in and A/C running. The sites are nice and large and fairly level. The base itself seems to be very slow recovering from the flood and in some areas there is actually work going on. Exchange and commissary facilities are excellent for the small size of the base. There is a maximum stay limit, but I don't think it is enforced. One person admitted he had been there a couple of years. Talk about homesteading. The location makes it a great place to stay and see Memphis.
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