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14-15 June 2009
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We've never camped here before, but have stayed in the VOQ, so we were familiar with the base. Couple things people need to know. One-This isn't a typical Air Force Base. It has a huge swatch of land, much of which is opened for public use - hiking/biking trails, fishing, boating, swimming - an outdoor person's paradise; but there are very few USAF people--lots of civilian contractors. Hence, there is a tiny commissary/AAFES shoppette on the Main Base and its closed all day Sunday & Monday and has very limited hours and selection. If you want to grocery shop/eat/buy stuff, go back to I-24, go just three miles east to Manchester, and right at the exit there's a Wal*Mart, Murphy Gas, Starbucks, McDonald's, all the usual stuff. Setting is gorgeous - but rustic! You're outdoors - you'll see a few bugs, hear ducks, birds, peepers, and people enjoying swimming at the small beach and boating. If you're seeking a "nice" dry, sunny, inland camping experience, don't go here. But if you love inland lakes of clear water, camping where you can enjoy a fire, lots of trees and decent weather away from cities, noise, crowds and freeways, this is your place. No wi-fi at the camp, but there is wi-fi up at the visiting quarters about 2 miles back up the road. TV? There is excellent DTV reception with a simple outdoor antenna from Huntsville - all four networks plus PBS. I gave "location" a 5 because this is a rare find if you like rustic, safe, scenic lakeside camping. If not, then 'location' would, for you, probably be a 3 at the most. NICE people to deal with. Satellite TV is good IF you get a site with a good tree-free shot to the SOUTH over the lake. Pick your site! That's a nice feature.
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October 10, 2009
This is an excellent review, very informative. Thank you for your effort!
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