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Tennessee 93336
Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2008
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Arrived with pre-assigned site over the phone from MWR office, so parked the 5er then went to the MWR office to pay for our 2 nite stay...Price has gone up here to $18/nite...also no cable...this was listed as a hookup....that's okay, only takes us 20 minutes to set up the dish....great location for DirecTV.....the Park, can't call it a campground, but it is a RV Park.... very nice. Community/laundry has 2 washers and 2 dryers...$1.25 to wash...75 cents to dry.....and they look fairly new....the facility was clean......We would say that almost half of the sites have MWR campers on them for rent....all sites easy to back between sites is good.....Saw the camp host across the way, but all he did was wave.....if you plan to tour Memphis, you'll have to get your info from the MWR office or stop at the Visitor's Center for Memphis as the Community room has nothing......Directions given above were right on...easy to find.....agree with previous post that it's a great place to lay-over for a day or 2 to rest on your way to your destination.....Commissary & NEX are nice and large.....The Helmsman Club offers great lunch-time fare...a very popular place, too...they told us that the WIFI was up and going, but had such a good connection with the Verizon data card, didn't use it.....cell phone got out good, too....all in all, a nice experience.....we'd stop again.....
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