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Tennessee 93785
9 - 13 OCT 2019
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First let me say we travel in a 43ft motorhome and tow a 4 door Jeep. The "back" gate off 385 and 204 has a very tight serpentine. It is doable but go slow and take your time. This place has been great. Roxy met us as soon as we pulled in. Told us to pick a spot and she'd come back to make sure we were all settled, which she did. The site we chose was #14. It was plenty large enough for our rig and we were able to detach and park the Jeep in front. The site was a concrete pad with a picnic table, also on a concrete pad. Joe, the maintenance guy, came by and took a look at the grass, which was a bit high, and called to have it cut. A young guy came out immediately, even before Joe left, and started cutting the area around our coach. There are several service members in here long-term but most are parked in the back. Everyone has been extremely friendly! A lot of places we go people are friendly but just with a wave or a hi how are you greeting. Here people actually stop and chat for a while. The laundry, though we did not use it, is free. The commissary is just in front of the park. It is smaller than some but seemed to have everything just the same. There is a mini-mart on the main road as you come through the gate for gas but I did not see diesel. However, they do not have ice and I was told that nowhere on base sold ice. Not sure about that but it is what the girl told me. There is a store outside the main-gate that does sell ice if you need that. The Exchange seemed well stocked and there is also a package store attached to the Exchange. OTA TV worked very well as did SAT TV. W/S/E, 50 and 30 amp, were located well, at least at our site. The dumpster was located in the center of the park also very convenient. We were also told that there are plans to expand the park. I have no idea if that will happen but let's hope it does because this is certainly a great place. We will be stopping here again.
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