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Midway RV Park Featured
Tennessee 89718
March 2019
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We've stayed here twice before and each time have had good experiences. Midway is conveniently located not too far from I40 and the memphis metro area so it provides a good stopping over point on North-South and East West trips. Reserving through the centralized Navy system is pretty easy (save for the wait time on hold) and the campground process is easy: pull in, find and open site, and call the MWR to let them know you're there and in which site. My only complaint is about a common issue with most military famCamps; the homesteaders. Midway is not NEARLY as bad as some we've been to but there are still issues. We were located next to a fifth wheel with wooden deck steps placed up to the door, and there were 2 freezers and multiple ice chests outside the rig which did not appear to have been moved in some time. There was another site that was using a large residential propane cylinder that sat along side the RV. The rules on Midway's brochure explicitly prohibit this activity but are obviously unenforced. Hopefully, this will be addressed not only at Midway but other FamCamps as well. 
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