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4.5 148
South Dakota 129492
May 2016
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This RV park was very easy to find and in a great location. Famcamp  is located immediately after entering PATRIOT GATE across from the gas station. There has been some recent changes at this famcamp. The rates here have gone up to $23/night. They no longer offer weekly rates. Also the office is located at the entrance of the fam camp, on the map it shows the office inside the famcamp but that building is closed down, we saw about 20 people trying to go to the closed building to check in and we had to inform them the office is at the entrance near the dump station. At this famcamp you should NOT use your awnings!!! This is very important, it's not advertised but it should be, but due to the location they get random wind gust 20-40 MPH even on nice days. Several RV awnings have been ripped off RVs here according to office staff. The camp host told me it's normal and sometimes the wind gust are so strong that you have to walk sideways. The gust are very random, it might seem like a nice sunny day and appear to be calm, but the wind comes out of nowhere. During bad weather the wind gust are very strong. On 2 occasions we had to put our side out in because the wind was so strong it was damaging our awning on the slide, and the wind gust will shake your RV, we camped in a 35ft class A.
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