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South Dakota 129492
4-8 June 2014
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Entered in through Patriot gate. What a shock for a Military installation grass is about two foot high and higher. Arrived at FamCamp they had someone cutting their grass but blowing it everywhere. Carol (camp host) met us at the office and gave us a complete packet of information about the base and area. A quick drive to the BX and Commissary it looked as if we were on an inactive installation. I've never seen an ACTIVE DUTY installation that did not maintain the landscape of the base, what an embarrassment to the Air Force!! The “sequester” has been over since last year!! The FamCamp under Amy is run as a professional well-oiled machine. She works hard to make your visit as comfortable as it could be. A well-stocked office with information about the surrounding area. The laundry has washers and dryers but a bit costly compared to other FamCamps. The restrooms are clean but I think if they took a pressure washer to the showers it may take care of the lime build-up, otherwise they are cleaned daily. The handicap bathroom is anything but accessible. There is about a two inch step-up that it makes it virtually impossible to get a mobility scooter into. The base plumbers were there repairing pipe damage to the Handicap bath and it needs sheetrock work to be completed. There is no designated handicap site with a walkway directly from the site to the restrooms. There is only one bathhouse for the entire FamCamp, the other bathhouse is being used as the office (the guests do not have access to it). The pulls through sites are far away from the bath house, also there is no walkway directly to them, so you will have to drive or walk through the grass and other campers sites. Half of the pull-through sites were down because a contractor had cut the electric line over a week ago and they are still waiting for it to be fixed. They do have it surveyed for another batch of pull through sites to be put in sometime soon. For how much this FamCamp produces for the MWR, I would think they could at least give back the one bathhouse to the guests and build another one for the pull through area. Amy does a remarkable job and is continuing to make this a pleasurable experience for all that come through.
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