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South Dakota 129492
15 - 18 July 2012
(Updated: July 19, 2012)
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This was our very first stay at a military Famcamp. We had no problem following the directions listed here. Came in on the weekend so we had to call to have the commercial gate opened. Only waited about 10 minutes. However, the civilian guard who let us in said we could use the main gate. We mentioned this to the host and he was upset. Evidently the Base Commander doesn't like the main gate to be used. In short, use the commercial gate. The base is located in an area that allows easy access to some great areas. The amenities are very clean but are a pretty good walk from the pull through area. Can't say enough about the hosts. While out and about in Deadwood, I received a message on my cell phone warning about an impending thunderstorm and possible hail. Then received another call making sure we got the first message. The base gas station is about a block away and they have diesel. Overall, we had a very good experience here and look forward to returning in the future.
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