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South Dakota 129492
21 Aug 2010
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Unfortunately, I did not have a pleasant experience at Ellsworth AFB. When we arrived, a tense camp host delivered a 10-minute briefing that hammered the Base Commander's stance on safety and security ("watch out for the SPs, watch out for fires, watch out for hail, watch out for tornadoes" – and so forth). The entire briefing was verbal, and the host reacted belligerently when I suggested that written information would be helpful to refer to later. After 21 successful years of military service and having survived 50 birthdays, I had to wonder who this man thought was in the room with him? He needs to relax and be more respectful of others. Anyway, I agreed to use the Overflow area that night on the chance a regular site would open up the next day. In contrast to the briefing’s focus on security and safety, the Overflow area backs directly up to a very unsafe environment: an open field with 3-4 foot tall dry grass, which is a fire waiting to happen in that hot, prairie-wind environment. It was like being parked on the edge of Hades... in a motor home with a 60 gallon fuel tank. To be honest, we were relieved when the host called to say a regular site would not open up that day. Instead, we found a nice spot in south Rapid City at a friendly campground that was very well located to area attractions – for only $2 more a day than Ellsworth. We stayed there for a week and had a great time! As an Air Force retiree I will continue to use and enjoy military campgrounds, but I won't come back to Ellsworth AFB.
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