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1-30 July 2023
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The famcamp's location IVO the east side of Rapid City is the stuff of legends. We routinely(!) took a picnic lunch to Mount Rushmore where we walked the Presidential Trail and I'd film myself laughing "there goes your inheritance!" We did an overnight circle through Badlands Nat'l Park, ending back at Mount Rushmore on day #2 for the lighting ceremony. Then we did a whole day at Custer State Park and ended back at Mount Rushmore for the lighting ceremony. We visited the Crazy Horse monument and watched its lighting ceremony multiple times, and we took the $125 "hard hat" tour to see & touch the work in progress. Sturgis and Deadwood are both day trips from Ellsworth; you can take scenic state roads to get there and RTB via I-90. Sam's Club, Walmart a couple of miles down I-90 from the base. Great news: the commissary & BX staff are eager to help and the Air & Space Museum reopened just as we prepared to depart. NOW FOR THE SCUTTLEBUTT. Yes, we paid $1,620 for a month's stay. No, we didn't play "Tetris" moving the RV every few days, simply because we booked (and paid) many months ahead. Yes, there were vacancies most days of our stay, overflow open all but one day of our stay, and tenting open all throughout our stay. "Tetris" is a big thing at this famcamp, management won't do it on their end (I gave -1 for hospitality for this alone). I talked to multiple crew and they all told the same story: new management took heed of complaints about seasonal RVers hogging the spots, so they went to $54 daily w/ a 30-day limit and you must depart the base at least one night (NO parking in overflow, repeat "NO" and this comes straight from the crew's mouths). So far as I could tell, these changes really did cut down on seasonal hogs. Driving around the countryside, we pulled into similar (repeat "similar") camp/glamp sites to check on prices and found them to be roughly equal -- except during the "Sturgis Rally" timeframe when $54/day is insanely cheap! Laundry remains free and they'd just replaced a washer when we arrived. I can't attest to their internet because I brought my own.
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