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South Dakota 129492
June 8-13, 2007
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This would have been a spectacular experience if I had been RVing, instead of tent camping. But, because I was tenting, I have to say it ended very badly. I actually bought and paid for an RV spot, because I needed to be close to an electrical outlet for my computer (I take online courses). It's a good thing I did, too because otherwise I would not have had any place to tie our tent down to the degree needed to sustain the winds which kick up across the South Dakota plains! We were forced to leave early because the wind was so bad, it was picking up the tent with me and my son in it! This eventually forced all of the support grommets to fail, which meant emergency repairs. But, even after i tried repairing it, the tent just wouldn't function any more, as the tent poles went right through the support straps, with no grommets to support them. So, we had to leave early. I cannot imagine what might have happened if we had actually been using the tenting area behind the FAMCAMP office. There is really no place to tie off you tent besides the permanent grills and picnic tables. At least in spot 11, we had trees to tie our tent down with. As far as the local area and the FAMCAMP's proximity, it can't be beat! My son and I had a blast visiting the many area attractions and everything was within an hour's drive, so that was even more convenient. Overall? A great place to visit; a nice, clean comfortable campground...for an RVer.
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