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South Carolina 197072
August 3-21, 2017
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I had just left the Navy RV campground in Kings Bay Ga. the number rated campground in the military,only to come to one dirty campground at short stay. I mean all there is trash from one end to the other. The full timers in the park is worst than ever. My understanding is they can stay for one year,and must leave for one day. Oh wow, during that year you collect stuff,which junks up the park. One site has a RV, one large boat,3 golf carts, a covered up pile of whatever,a work truck which is loaded with all kinds of carpenter gear. This one is of the better sites. None of the site are the same size,some could be two sites,this is one of them. I really hate the way this park has gone hill,and it stems from change of command. If I was a first time camper and saw this mess I would have second thoughts. I would like to make a comment about the lake front site,i have no idea who designed them,but I'm sure it had to been a Clemson Engineer, the sites are made for 5th wheels, and pull behinds. Real RV's class "A" need to be able to pull in so they can have the view of the lake.The office staff,are professional and should be realized for their work, I would like to point out Jodie Adams,who during my three week she was one big help to me. I had to move and change my reservation dates and she was instrumental in doing so,Thank you Ray Wyatt USN Retired
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