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South Carolina 70095
February 2017
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I'm amazed at the tagline for this campground: "Falcon's Nest FamCamp is the newest top-of-the-line Famcamp in Air Combat Command." Nothing could be further from the truth. In the daylight, this place looks like a run-down trailer park. We wanted to break up our trip back from Orlando, Florida, to our home in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Falcon's Nest was an ideal stopping point. I called about a month before we even left for Orlando, and Tron took my reservation information. Unlike other military campgrounds, he didn't ask for a deposit, which is the only reason I didn't give just one star for "Cleanliness/Hospitality". I was asking for two sites, but at the time he only had one, but would let me know if another opened up. Fast forward to a week before we left Orlando. Called Tron and he said we had site #12 and a gravel dry site that had power. That was fine. He said to call him when we were close to the base so he could meet us there and show us where the gravel site was (we were arriving around 9pm on a Saturday). I began calling him 30 minutes before we arrived and kept getting his voice mail. Never did reach him, nor did he ever call back, not even the next day to make sure we got settled in ok. We arrived, and unlike all other military campgrounds, there was nothing posted on the campground building: no open site list, no map, no instructions - nothing. I literally got out and walked around looking for site #12 and this so-called gravel site. I found #12 and had my son-in-law back into that. WARNING! Power and sewer are at the very front of the site. My son-in-law's camper's utilities are at the back. Fortunately I pack a 50' RV extension cord, so he was good. However, I never did find that gravel site. I ended up pulling into a grassy area and hooked up to someone else's 30amp outlet after running my own extension cord. Comparing this to other military campgrounds I've stayed at for the same price, this place is lacking in everything. Sites are unlevel with only a small concrete pad for your picnic table; power and sewer at the front of the site, with the sewer "connection" being a non-standard large-diameter pipe with a rock shoved in it as its cover; no lighting, so if you arrive at night - good luck; entire place sorely lacking in upkeep/maintenance. In their defense, there is significant construction taking place adjacent to the existing sites where they're adding a dozen or so new sites. Walking around them shows lessons learned, at least for the power and sewer connections - they're more in the middle of the site. Maybe work is being dedicated to the expansion and in the future they'll redo the existing sites. I have to wonder what they'll do with the 10-12 permanent residents that are directly across the road from the campground building. When I say permanent, I mean PERMANENT! There was one camper that's so permanent that he has THREE sheds and some kind of fenced in storage thing with tarps over it - possible pet cage? If so, must be a horse because the cage must measure 6'x6'x6'. Also, he has at least two utility trailers behind his camper, a bird bath, rock garden, and clothes lines. A real dump. Other permanent residents have permanent steps installed and alike. Based on complete failure to follow up and show me where that "gravel" site was, the overall condition of the campground, and the host of permanent residents, a lot has to be changed before I stay there again or recommend it to anyone. I expect a LOT more for an Air Force Base. If Falcon's Nest needs comparisons, try Kings Bay Georgia and Jacksonville NAS: both campgrounds have sites for less than $20, have FULL concrete slabs, well-lit, very clean, very well maintained, free internet and CATV, after-hours hosts, after-hours check-in booth, etc.
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