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4.2 43
South Carolina 91280
3-5 Jun 2016
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What a beautiful little place.  Only 18 sites, but everything was great.  Sites were level crushed rock and two pads.  One with the new table on it and one for a patio.  Power and water pressure checked out good and sewer was right along side the power pole.  Great area to explore history if you travel to the golf course where the Spanish and French Occupation took place in the 1500's.  Showers were large in the bathrooms which were old but very clean.  Laundry was also dated but clean with 2 washer/dryers at $1.00 a load.   This is South Carolina, so bring bug spray for mosquitos and biting flies.  I only marked down hospitality due to no camp host or anyone to represent the Famcamp.  We did not get to the main base, but shopped at the commissary/exchange that was minutes down the road.  There is still a lot to do for our next trip which we will make.  Directions to the famcamp seem strange, but with your co-pilot reading and watching also; no problem.  There is no cable, so bring movies or a satellite for entertainment.  You can also rent movies at the red box at the exchange, just minutes down the road.  My complements to the base.  We took this trip on, not knowing anything about the base or facilities.  It was a great decision and we will return.
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