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South Carolina 91280
April 24 through May 1, 2016
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As I looked at my previous "star ratings" from our last visit to Parris Island RV Park, from 2013, I guess I have gotten a little bit more critical of RV parks over the past few years!  Nevertheless, this is still a very nice and quiet place to stay at a very good value.  The gravel sites are level, the hookups are very good, WiFi is very good, and the extended concrete patios with quality picnic tables are a nice touch.  The decent size commissary and MCX are just a couple of miles from the RV park.  Given the relatively low volume of traffic on base, it is a good place to take a bicycle ride and watch the Marines train--very awe inspiring.  There is still no recycling available on the RV park grounds, but the base housing manager allowed me to bring my recyclables to their office.  It would be nice if they installed a recycling bin directly on the RV park grounds since recycling is available elsewhere on base.  Verizon cell phone and data reception is OK, but not great at the RV park.  The lockbox/keys arrangement is no longer used at the RV park.  I paid for my eight day stay in advance (over the phone), was given a site number, and simply pulled into my site and hooked up when I arrived.  We would definitely stay here again if we were in the area.
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