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South Carolina 127862
Jan. 25th to Feb. 22. 2016
(Updated: February 10, 2016)
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Has been 3 years since we were here and it is always fun to come back to this area as it is so convenient to head into Charleston. I am very impressed with the dog owners living in this community as they are the most respectful of any I have seen at all FamCamps we have stayed at. Amenities and Value I gave a 3 since it cost over $600.00 to stay here this long and you have a site and a picnic table. They moved the laundry and bath house and it is in a white trailer now all the way in the back of the campground. There is a trailer near the laundry/bath house that has some type of business activity that appears to be base related and there is a constant flow of traffic on the road in front of us going back and forth to the trailer during the day. We are in site #10 and when it rains the ground on the passenger side of the RV gets flooded and #9 is the same way so avoid them if possible. Be sure you visit the Citadel and on Fridays at 3:45 they have the Review Parade. Summerville is a wonderful town to visit also as shopping and dining places are numerous. As always Doc is top notch and he is key to keeping this a happy place to stay.  New Note 2/10/16  All RV sites are scheduled to be repaved sometime in 2017 and it will be one paved site not the 2 narrow strips for the RV and pad for table as it is now.
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