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October 2015
(Updated: November 16, 2015)
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We requested a site good for satellite when we made the reservation several months ago. Upon arrival we discovered that the site assigned was not good for satellite and had trees that would scratch our slideouts when deployed. Person in the office moved us to another site-- even less likely for satellite. Manager said that the first she heard of the tree and satellite problems was from me-- and that was because no one had ever complained before. REALLY????   Issues: 1. Many of the transient sites have trees, i.e. no satellite use. 2. Many sites flood during rain- and remain flooded for days following rain. Several long-termers indicated that mosquitoes are menacing during summer because there often is standing water. 3. Fire ant hills are pervasive. Five on our site alone. Again, long-termers stated that they have been a problem for a long time. These pose a potentially deadly risk to anyone who is allergic. Overall, the most poorly maintained military campground we have stayed at in over eight years of full-timing. If we return to Charleston we will stay at a civilian campground instead of fighting the lack of maintenance, insects and water. Hopefully we won't have to wade to our car and dodge fire ants.  RECOMMENDATION: Someone in the chain of command should step up, get the SeaBees or others involved and install french drains at the campsites that flood. The command structure on the base should investigate the overall operation of this campground and take corrective actions as warranted. Our active-duty and retired personnel deserve better.
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