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South Carolina 139833
Jan. 1, 2015 - Feb. 13, 2015
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Campground location is fine, it's a campground! Nice RV Pads, about 40’. Hookups are in left rear corner, so we had to buy extra sewer hose. Staff is nice. Nice picnic table, fire ring and grill at each site. Restroom/shower house at campsites appears to be being refurbished. It was closed for our 44 day stay, and no one has worked on it at all. There is a restroom within walking distance at the boat ramp, but the heater does not work, and the place has not been cleaned for a long time, the toilet was clean thou. Main restroom/shower house is next to the office, which is not within reasonable walking distant to go shower. It is nice, but not once was the floor sweep and mopped during our stay, and it needs it. Half the sites lights on the power pedestal don’t work. Cable hookup doesn’t work, but you can get the main TV networks over a good digital antenna. No Internet. Golf Carts are allowed. CAUTION: LOW AC Power which can damage your RV’s equipment. Staying from Jan. 1, 2015 to Feb. 13, 2015. Had site manager turn in Work order on Jan. 6th. For a week I tried to get status by making numerous phone calls. The Next week I turned in an ICE evaluation. About 4 days later, campground employee meter’s AC at sites. They are showing 109vac on one leg, and 111vac on the other leg, and tell me 108vac is satisfactory (wrong). I show him at that time, with just a 2 amp load on L-1, we have 104vac. And a 14 amp load on L-2 indicated 107vac. Power is worse on colder days and nights. Around Feb. 4th I get in contact with the Electrician. Only answer I am still getting from anyone, is the issue is known about. I had to run my refrigerator on LP Gas the whole time so the low power didn’t damage it. Buying all the extra LP just added to the cost of staying here. I am normally at the campsite most every day and offered to help show the problem to an electrician, but no contact. The Coax cable service has not been repaired for months, and around Jan. 9th, they have suspended all internet service that was offered.
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