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South Carolina 91280
Dec 1-6, 2014
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J.L. left this review using the Directory software: - Stayed here briefly last year and so loved walking along the salt marsh and beach that I wanted to return and stay longer. Only this year, I really felt the negative impact of some of the management issues. The lock box seems to be corroding with age and causing problems. I had trouble opening my assigned box, and also tried in vain to help others who were totally unsuccessful in opening theirs after hours (so never had utilities). There is no welcome packet in the box, just a key, so you're left to figure things out yourself. The combination to the restroom and laundry is posted on the wall (so why bother?). The facilities seem to be cleaned only on Monday, and although 3 extra rolls of toilet paper were left, this is hardly enough for the week. The manager does not return calls in a tmely fashion. It was almost a week before she called me back, and some calling about a site the same day never heard if one is available (and many sites were open). The manager's response, when you do talk with her, suggests that reservations are very tight, but it was never more than half occupied when I was here (5 nights). It's such a lovely location and decent facilities. With very little extra effort, it could be a real plus. At a minimum, 1) service or update the lock box facility 2) leave welcome sheets in the box and not posted, and 3) consider instead having an on-site host and non-site specific reservations. That could permit more campers to make use of the facility, increase revenue, and make eveyone feel more welcomed and oriented to the facility.
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