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South Carolina 91280
2 August 2014
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Stayed 30 days. Lovely, spacious site. Amenities previously noted remain. Must have car or one would be stuck at campsite since the RV Park is very far from everything on base. We are beach folks so we had a pleasant 1/2 hr ride to Hunting Beach State Park. Water was heavenly, ocean bottom was pure sand so easy on the feet & minimal undertow. Wave action was more like ripple effect. Able to walk far out. Disliked having dogs & fisherman on beach at same time as myself. Need insect repellent for biting flies, mosquitoes & red ants at both beach & campground. Too hot & humid to sit outside until evening but sky clear. Campground not lighted so be prepared w/lantern & porch light. Cement pads nice but metal picnic table too far from cement slab next to RV to utilize as well as being attached to its own cement pad. Most afternoons had showers w/ thunder & lightening. One day storm appeared so rapidly & had severe gusts of wind & rain that before I was able to remove awning it was ripped off the brackets & flung over top of roof. Brackets holding system to wall of unit ripped out & flung over roof, left hanging on other side. Found excellent mobile RV service called Lowcountry RV. Needed to use a trash removal service to take entire awning system, now on ground, to wherever. No one on base made an issue of this debris on grass for several days until insurance adjustor & mobile RV service arrived. Trash dumpster was rusted & difficult to close the side door. Trash was strewn around the dumpster on ground & animals had been in it so it smelled & was a mess. Inhibited ability to put trash in dumpster & close door. Surprising mess for a Marine Corps base!! Would come here again in a flash for the peace & quiet, nearness to a fabulous beach & amenities. Gail, Retired Navy
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