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South Carolina 201017
16-21 June 2014
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This was the 2nd time I hosted my biannual family reunion at Short Stay. Renting a waterside campsite for my camper and a couple of Villa for my family. All and all, a perfect place for such with only one exception and that is the tremendous amounts of goose crap EVERYWHERE!. The beach was so loaded with piles of goose droppings that all were walking around carefully. Kids where trying to dig the sand with toy shovels but Moms warned to just stay away. The morning raking by a tractor needs to be more frequent. I know money is tight with MWR but this is a health issue. Most of the Villa grounds were covered with piles of poop where the birds roost at night. Sidewalks, parking areas all loaded with droppings. The Canadian Geese are becoming more than temporary and for the few years we've been coming to Short Stay, they are growing in number as they are largely unmolested. I would rate all 5's except for the untended too poop piles. Please CLEAN UP THE POOP and give Short Stay back to us.
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July 14, 2014
We were there 4th of July weekend and it hasn't gotten any better with the geese poop.
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