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South Carolina 67161
22 December 2012 - 1 January 2013
(Updated: December 30, 2012)
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Once again, I returned here for some "me" time over the holidays. As usual, I was the base commander by default on many nights. Every site (excluding useless site #6) has both a new concrete slab and a new wood grill which is itself set in concrete. Some trees have been removed around the military hut that sits inside the park. Bad news for site #5: I detected a ground fault at the electrical box and its grill has seen too much use. The boat ramp is now closed as the lake continues to recede, but shallow-draft boats can still use the dock; you can enter the water from a nearby public ramp. Once again, the private shower on "Signal Court" remained open throughout my stay. The porta-potty is clean & well maintained, and the contractor serviced it right after Christmas. Cellular coverage remains decent: again, I used my 3G wifi to upload this review. Hunting pressure around here appears minimal and I'm stunned that no hunters park RVs here at this time of year. Herds of deer pass through this base on their way from "A" to "B" and there's a report that feral swine have entered the area. To borrow the old joke: "if I were a deer hunter, I'd be in hog heaven right now."
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