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South Carolina 70095
May 29, 2012
(Updated: June 05, 2012)
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We were very disappointed with the condition and service of this highly rated campground. We arrived around 4 PM to find our assigned campsite (#3) was occupied by a long term camper. No one was in the office to help. A camper helped us with our problem. He told us the vacant site #1 had an odd 30 amp plug and needed an adapter. He was right. It was not the standard 30 amp shore power outlet. I had a 50 amp adapter but no outlet was available. We chose the vacant site #6 and was able to get our choice approved by the person who had returned to the desk. He didn't understand why #3 was occupied. I guess no one gets out and physically confirms site status. The camper in #3 was very surprised that I was assigned his site since he had been there for months. Around 5:20 PM, after setting up in site #6, I went to the mens room I couldn't find any toilet paper. The bath room was clean but the sink plungers where broken, one piece way laying on the shelf. By then the office was locked. Several campers said most of the campground personnel were useless and uncaring. I couldn't believe the state of the picnic area between the campsites and the office building. Obviously, a lot of money was spent planing and completing this area. Now, large barrels of garbage were overflowing, vines have grown over the picnic tables and some of the garbage barrels. Maybe funds ran out to maintain it. If this picnic area has been abandoned, hopefully the equipment could be used somewhere else--such a waste of money. When I made the reservation, Ty was very courteous and helpful in getting this reservation. Tim efficiently completed the details. Overall, we had a good overnight stay. Water, electric, and sewer worked fine. I can see why this sight had high ratings and it's unfortunate that it was allowed to degrade into the condition it is now. With effective management and fixing, this campground could once again be a highly rated destination for us RV'ers and the pride of Shaw AFB MWR. Norm Taylor, Ocala, FL.
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