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South Carolina 189831
April 6-10 2012
(Updated: April 11, 2012)
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I have been using this RV park for 6 years plus,and i have never wrote and comment about it. I just want to say that the welcome aboard staff at the check-in office are a outstanding group of people,and that the camp host is one of the best in the business. Thank you. However the grounds it self are so dis-organized that it can be confusing. Site are so spread out,and some are really close,and the park lets you store any and everything on your site,that it overflows onto other sites. Kids,dogs,run wide,quite times are NEVER enforced. This place could be one heck of a rv park if only there were uniformity here and that the rules were carried out. Fines need to be placed on people that let there dogs run wild and also not cleaning up after them. The sites need to be cleaned up and all the trash that rvers collect on their site needs to be discarded,in other words the mind-set of the people that live or visits short stay needs cleaning up as enforcing the rule,have better security. The bath houses are usually cleaned cleaned twice,which it should be,but once they are the pits,because of the people not cleaning up,and allowing their kids to use the place as a play area. I know this will take time,and a effort by all. 50 amps electric would be nice.
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