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22 Dec 11 - 2 Jan 12
(Updated: December 30, 2011)
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I returned to this campsite for some "me" time over Christmas & the new year. I was the only RVer the whole time and I was the base commander by default on nights & weekends. Repeating what I said four years ago: "this place may not look like much on the surface but the whole installation is kept up well and it's very clean." They repaved the main road through base just before I arrived; the shoulders didn't even show animal tracks. Road signs, pavement markings, and speed bumps will return after I leave. They didn't pave the campground road but they did lay down new gravel on many of the RV sites. Each site has a nice picnic table and two sites gained a cement pad. The water runs clean with good pressure and it tastes good. The campsite's 25KVA junction box delivers rock-solid power. One private shower room on "Signal Court" remained open throughout my stay. Dumpsters are a leisurely walk to the headquarters building. Cellular coverage is decent enough to support YouTube: in fact I used 3G wifi to upload this very review. There is no dump station, so I relied on the campsite's porta-potty to stretch my holding tanks for a long stay. It's in very good condition and the contractor serviced it while I was here. Catering businesses know this training base and you can get everything from BBQ to Chinese. Look for business cards on the countertop when you check in. If your group is too small for catering... Evans, Georgia is a straight shot 27 miles and provides everything you need along one key intersection. Gourmet burgers? Turn left for Five Guys or Red Robin. Department store? Turn right for Super Wal-Mart. You want multiple large grocery chains? Turn right. RV supplies? Turn left for Acadamy Sports. Propane? Turn right for Ace Hardware. I saw boaters many days using the ramp & parking for day trips. I suspect they're just guardsmen who know about the facilities. No speedboats got close enough to bother the campsite. I saw a sheriff's deputy use a porta-potty by the boat dock, so, yes, they do patrol the area. You'll find many hiking trails on base for troop marches. Hunting is forbidden on base but, if you (literally) cross the street outside the gate, you can hike & hunt an expanse of base-owned forestry with clearings. The staff here claims few hunters know about those tracts, which stay open except for military exercises. A half-mile down you'll find an access road to a state trail with fresh signs of squirrel, skunk, deer herds, coyote (!), etc. It even offers a parking lot at the trail head. I hiked this state trail multiple times and never saw another vehicle in the lot. You can drive 15 miles to a free public rifle range and zero your scope @ 100yds or plink around @ 25yds. One final note of caution: drive carefully on & near the base. These healthy deer graze freely in herds of 2-3 dozen.
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