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South Carolina 70095
Aug 21 - 23 2010
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This is one of those places that is a best kept secret. While we were there, there were never more than 6 Occupied RV's on the grounds. There were two others whose owners never showed up during our stay. A word of Warning to those who are used to seeing the site numbers near the power pedestals. You need to adjust your thinking. The numbers near the pedestals at this location refer to the space between the number and the pedestal on the other side of the paved parking space. When we arrived we had been assigned space 5 but saw an RV parked in what we thought was space 5. We took another space as instructed for weekend arrivals. After setting up and taking our first walk we discovered the unique numbering system. When the manager came in on Monday we reported our mistake. We were allowed to stay in space 6 for another day. The sewer system leaves a lot to be desired. It would help control leaks if they would glue the pipes at the joints. They have 6 inch taps along the length of the the above ground system but you need a wide jaw (3 inch) pliers to get the covers loose. The water tap is at the front of the site while power is to the rear. Each site has its own covered trash can and there is a dumpster at the end of the row for large items. All in all this is a remarkably well maintained space.
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