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South Carolina 70095
May 20 - 22, 2010
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We liked the area, enjoyed the base. The RV site was a bit small when trying to back a 5th wheel in. Ten feet wide is a bit smaller than most RV sites. The sewer hook up was the worst one we've ever encountered. We have traveled all over the USA and never ever seen one like it in any RV park military or civilian and I'd have to question if it was all within code specs. The PVC 6 inch pipe from the rear of the site leading to the actual sewer dump located at the front of the site, (PVC was about 20 feet long). The PVC pipe was constructed with two 10 foot 6 inch pipes connecting them with a T connector with 90 degree elbows on each end. None of the joints were glued and could be taken apart if needed. Needless to say, from a sanitary standpoint if you use the system there and the pipe came apart for whatever reason then you'd have one big mess to clean up and I'm sure the Famcamp and base would have to get involved. Suggestion...disconnect the pipe and set it aside then get the proper hoses and connectors.
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