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South Carolina 70095
Sept 15-19, 2009
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"C" left this review using the Directory software: The sewer system is very inconvenient. Some sites have a long PVC pipe from the sewers to where the drain might be on most RVs, with no real way to connect it to the drainage hose. We have a macerator which we could not use at all so used the dump station as we departed. Some other sites have no PVC and the drain is too far away for large RVs to use, except with 2-3 sewer hoses hooked together. We found the campground poorly maintained and the electrical box at site #21 was tied to a post to keep it upright. The laundry is small with 2 washers and 2 dryers with no folding table and could have used some cleaning as well. The office, nor the main gate, had a base map to issue us and the office has no posted hours of operation. There is a critique sheet in the laundry room but I don't know why. The office staff seems to try their best but no one every apologized for the inconvenience we incurred having to move from site to site due to their poor reservation policy. We also feel that $20 a day was too expensive for the condition of the sites.
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