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Decmber 13, 2007
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I have never camped at Foster Creek but while we were camped at another campground nearby I decided to drive over to see if there were any vacancies. The web site advertises that they are never full so proceed to the campground, pick out a spot, and then proceed to the Office, which is located at MWR. When we arrived at the campground it was full so I drove over to the Office. The office personnel were very friendly and were just as suprised as I was that the campground was full. I guess, as a result of this website, and word of mouth, that the word has gotten around that this is a great place to camp. The office personnel informed me that they have, in addition to long term sites, added some reserveable sites. I asked them if, in thier opinion, they thought this was going to be the norm...They said that it was probaly snowbirders spending the Christmas holidays at Foster Creek on the way south and that there would probably be sites available after the first of the year. The folks at the office also informed me that they are going to be a lot of changes made to the campground soon, however, she didn't elaborate on what the changes were going to be. Just to be on the safe side the office personnel recommend giving them a call either to make a reservation or check on the availability of the long term sites. It is a really nice campground and well worth visiting.
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