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Oct 7- Nov 7 2022
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So the location is great. It’s super loud bc you are right next to the airport, but other than that the location wasn’t much of an issue. But I’m going to explain everything because every time I called I got a different answer each time…Things to know: 1. They have a new commander aka the rules changed. If you are not retired or active duty and have a VHIC, your guest/spouse will need to get a visitors pass if they wish to leave the base and return without you. Literally, every single day. They won’t give your guest a long term pass even if you are living there, but will give a weekend pass???. So if your your SO/ guest is working in the area, you will need to meet them at the gate everyday bc the visitors center closes at 5. 2. If you have a VHIC you will need to have it REGISTERED AT THE VISITORS CENTER BEFORE YOU GO ON BASE. There is no where to park your rig there (I am 60ft long with my truck and fifth wheel). So plan ahead to park it somewhere, drive to the visitors center, register, then drive to the back entrance bc you have to go through the X-ray machine. 3. If you want to stay long term. You will have to let the employees at the outdoor Rec know that when you get there. Make sure they enter your name on the list. Literally, stand there and watch them do it. Before you get on the list they will put you in overflow. So you will end up moving around 2-3times before getting into long term. 4. Fees went up to $35 a night. For the area it’s not bad, but if you plan to stay long term they still charge the day rate. There is no monthly rate. 5. You can bring in your own fire ring. Overall everyone that I met staying at the RV park was awesome, but it’s not convenient to stay at if you are a service connected vet and your SO/ guest isn’t military or has a dependent ID.
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November 04, 2022
Thank you so much for this great review. I am a VHIC holder, and your review makes it seem 'challenging' to stay there for my spouse. IF he wouldn't leave the base without me, would it still be the same daily issue for him to get in and out? I appreciate all of your info.
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