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South Carolina 70678
December 2021
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Anyone who would call Shaw’s FamCamp an outstanding facility hasn’t been to enough military campgrounds. Situated between an incredibly noisy highway and a flight line, it couldn’t have been noisier. Worse, the sites are crammed in so close together that your slide nearly bumps into the other site’s power post. It was horrid. It was clear there were multiple squatters too. And the worst part? Plugged in our 2020 Entegra Quest 30 amp cord and it blew the breaker and blew out the electric on my hot water heater. Thanks for that! Now for the best part… others have said, Troun was incredibly helpful. He got the CE guys there within 15 minutes. Unfortunately, as friendly as Greg the electrician and his airman coworker were, they didn’t and couldn’t fix the post. They speculated that coiling my power cord was the cause. Not. They speculated that it was because the post had a GFCI switch. Not. I could not warn anyone more strongly not to go there….and not because of the folks who tried to make it better. Sadly, they (and this is common as most of you know) work for a supervisor/SSCC who was rude and contentious, despite the fact that they caused damage and we had just come off a long drive exhausted. Skip Shaw is my recommendation!
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