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South Carolina 127862
Nov. 15, 2019
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Lovely FamCamp at Joint Base Charleston, Foster Creek SC..... easy to follow driving directions following Sites were fairly level and unshaded, leaving good satellite reception. Water pressure was good, electric was steady. Good TMobile reception. Camp Host was available and friendly, bringing us our paperwork as soon as we were set up. Reservations and payment are made over the phone, and once approved, you are given your site number. No Gate at this base, just drive in, find your site and set up. But, we were not able to use our Air Force FamCamp frequent camper cash or get our book stamped, as there was no place to sign in....Once inside and set up, Camp Host will need to see your ID to authorize use. Distant train noises, expected loudspeaker events, but little other than these. Close to housing areas. There is also a fenced dog park for use! Filled with wood chips instead of grass, it was a welcome romp for our pup. Fireants are prevalent here..... but it is the south, and they live here. Had two steady days of rain.... sites 2,3,and 4 experienced a bit of standing water, but was mostly drained the day after the rain.
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