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South Carolina 91280
26-27 May 2019
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I was here in Jun 2016 and it was enjoyable. After this past weekend, I will have second thoughts about spending my time and money here. Following the above directions and a phone call with Cheryl the day before arriving, I was greeted with a total surprise. I called the same number to check-in and no one answered. I tried several times and all I ever got was that their mailbox was full and to leave a message. Instead of that, I called MWR. Maybe they didn't know the line was out. There was no answer here, and I got the same message. Since I can not get codes for the restroom/showers, laundry room or their wifi, I figured I would go find them. I had no map so I went down the street to the Golf Pro Shop. The two attendants had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned Outdoor Recreation Center or MWR. The lady attempted to use her computer to get me an address, but she was very lost. I got an address from her, but I could not locate it. It was some type of Headquarters building. When all this failed, I returned to bldg. 1018 and found the "cubbies". Maybe my information was in there. The cubbies are like a post office box, but again, I had no code for this either. When I pulled on it, the large door came open for access to all the cubbies. It was obvious from then spider webs and dust that these have not been used in a long time. I'm glad that my guests had to cancel their trip. This would have not been the example I set for them when we planned the trip.
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