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May 2019
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This FamCamp has been on our bucket list for years. There are two sections the old and new. We happen to get into slot #20 in the new section. The site is flat and level. The sewer hookup is the best in a long time, easy and simple. Water pressure is at 60 PSI. There are bike paths to ride and the base has a commissary and BX. The base is beautiful. The camp host was such a nice lady, her name is Betsy and she will help you with anything you need. I think there is only camp host on duty every day and she is worth her weight in gold! The bath house is nice but no AC. Also there are washers and dryers, cost is $1.25 per load and no AC. This is a good stopping point to go down town Charleston and par take in all the good food and the history. Sign up for a walking tour. Good Seafood but, due to being a tourist destination the prices are expensive. Now for the bad. Each morning at 7am there are loud speakers right over the FamCamp “revelry ” and the National Anthem. On our first morning I nearly jumped out of my bed, it was so loud it scared me. Then at 4pm there is the “National Anthem” Then at 10pm Retreat. The FamCamp is right across the street from the airport and its non stop with flights. Also there is a gun range. The noise level here alone is off the richter scale, so if you are sensitive, this is not for you. Additional when you reserve here, they say its only 14 days, but in the old section there are long term folks. One lady had been there 6 months and she was retired. I get so unnerved over the politics and games that the Military parks play and allow certain people to homestead and others not. There are only 37 sites, 7 overflow and 6 tent sites. I heard from one guest he complained to the Base Commander and was asked to leave the next day. Please follow the instruction to get here as it allows for Large RV to get into the base. Also you do not have to go through the X-ray machine. That is only for commercial trucks, 
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July 01, 2019
That is one of the reasons we stay on military bases. Hearing “reveille”, our National Anthem and Taps daily reminds us of not only why we served for so many years, but why we still have military members in harms way, some making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We miss it when we stay at civilian parks and consider ourselves blessed when a military installation has room for retirees. We always expect more noise on a military base....Planes, P.T., guns, loud speakers, all part of the military culture.
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