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South Carolina 190170
Dec 29-31, 2019
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Nice campground. The 50 amp sites area all concrete. Site 7-20 (50 amps) all have water view. All the 30 amp sites are on dirt, and most of the 30 amps sites were flooded during this time. They have had more than 8 or nine days of rain. There are several full timers living at the campground and some of the other sites were being used as long term storage. Everyone we talked with pleasant to deal with and I am looking forward to going back. Worth the drive. We only had two issues and weather is not something that any of us can control. The other is was that, we went out for a few hour drive (Class B) and when we returned our rug was missing. We left it because it was soaking wet and to show the we are coming back. We did ask the security guards if they moved it and they said they did not. The store is open 24 hours, and they have boat rental. We only paid $24 per night (it is off season). 
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