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May-June 2018
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Note: at the end of May they installed temporary-looking barriers to create a serpentine at the back gate exit. One of the gate guards said it was going to be permanent to stop gate runners from coming in the wrong way (is that really a problem here?). Anyway, it's not the end of the world, but not the straight shot out it used to be. CGs with monthly rates are generally cheaper than paying the base's daily rate times 31, but the great thing about bases in my opinion is that they seem to have less of a rush on the major holidays. I was having trouble finding a site with availability over Memorial Day, but JB Charleston had no problem accommodating us. We can't say enough about Betsy and her husband. When they were camp hosts, we always saw them cleaning up something, which is why the CG always looked so nice. We made reservations through Outdoor Rec, and they allowed us only 14 days. They said the host would know we wanted a full month and fix the reservation when we arrived. Unsurprisingly, the note wasn't passed on, but Betsy ran back to her camper to use her desktop, and 20 minutes later we had the month-long stay we originally requested. We didn't use the laundry facility but it looked spotless. There was a small rack to trade books inside. The boys loved the playgrounds at the entrance, and we loved sending them there. Before arriving I called Outdoor Rec and Security Forces to ask about the X-Ray. Both gave me the answer that they weren't sure, but they thought we usually had to go to the X-Ray. I don't think the airman manning the gate really wanted us to go through because he had it blocked on the far end. Since the entrance was open, we went through that way and it wasn't a big deal at all. Noise is constant; look at Google Maps and you'll see you're near the end of the runway. Jet noise didn't bother us, but the 0700 reveille and 2200 taps did. Other bases have them at friendlier hours that weren't as disruptive. It usually woke us up in the morning, even with the a/c running full blast over our heads. One thing that was different from the military CGs we've visited the last 2 years of full-timing: when our plans changed and we had to leave 2 days early, we were offered a credit for future use instead of a refund. Not a big deal, but after being issued refunds at other military CGs we were a bit surprised the policy is different here. The base is convenient enough to downtown, and we had a great time exploring the old city. There are plenty of stores and restaurants in North Charleston; we highly recommend Istanbul Shish Kabob Buffet if you stay here.
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