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April 29, 2018
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I retired as a DOD civilian from AMC headquarters at Scott AFB ten (10) years ago. March 29, 2018 I made reservations for seven (7) days in April/May time period at the Charleston FamCamp. Can't make the reservations on line. You have to call and talk to a person to make reservations, which I did. On Sunday April 29th, arriving from out of state, we approached the Charleston AFB gate closest to the FamCamp. I gave the security gate guard my civilian DOD identification card. After a few minutes I was told I could not enter the gate en-route to the FamCamp. The security guards said I would need special approval from the AFB which would open on Monday? So I was not allowed to camp even though reservations are paid for. Needless to say I scrambled to get a reservation at a local KOA campground. We were vacationing and had tour reservations so I had no time to apply for a special pass or whatever they require. Below is copied from the base web site. "The Joint Base Charleston Family Campground (or commonly referred to as FamCamp) is located on the Air Force base is open to retired Military members, 100% disabled veterans, 'DoD ID card holders' and active duty military members not stationed at or working on Joint Base Charleston." So why wasn't I advised upon my call to the campground that I would need a special pass to enter? Fix the problem!
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