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July 2017
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Little has changed from last year, except for 2 items. One is just an awareness issue and the other is an inconvenience. (1) They just added 4 dry camping sites, OK, but they marked the space between them with the 4' concrete parking lot bumpers and placed them about a foot off the road edge along with wooden posts with site numbers. It adds some challenge to back out of sites # 4 & 5 without catching a hitch or the back of your RV on one of them. My neighbor took a ding out of his car hitch. (2) Is an issue at Melville Dump Station. It used to be a circular drive where you pulled in the the entrance, went halfway around, dumped and then pulled out and back on the road. Now there are new sites there and the dump station was relocated along the back fence. You have to do some jockeying around to get lined-up (dump on driver's side) and then unless you want to run 30+ ft of hose, you are nose in with a building/parking lot on your passenger side. There were cars in the lot when I was there and no way out except to backup first. I had to unhook my tow, do all that and then re-hook on your way out. If you can, delay hooking up your tow until after dumping and just do it once on the way out. If all else fails, you are pointed at the long-term area entrance so you could enter and go around the park to come back out.
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