This information is for the U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory SOFTWARE. There is no subscription fee for use of the website. However, sales of the Directory software help support the operation of the website.

I hope you've enjoyed utilizing your U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory software to learn about our military campgrounds, and to read the reviews left by others. But if you're reading this, your 1-year subscription must be coming to an end.

 The software has gone through some tremendous changes since it was first offered in June 2006. And there's more improvements planned for the future! I hope you'll decide to keep your subscription current and renew for another year.

ONLY for current subscriber's of the U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory software:

Subscription Renewal for ONLY $12.95 per year!


Check or Money Order
You can send $12.95 per year via snail mail to:

Larry Farquhar
624 Thunderbird Drive
Prescott, AZ 86303


If your subscription is still valid, you can renew today at this special subscriber's rate. New registration information will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Your PayPal receipt IS NOT your registration. A seperate email will be sent to you. The new expiration date WILL be 1-year from your current expiration. Even if you renew early (or late), your new expiration will be a 1-year extension of your current subscription date.

If your current subscription has been expired for a few months or more, it might be a better deal to start over with a "new" subscription. New subscriptions are only a few dollars more. New subscription information can be found here.


For downloaded shareware versions of the software, the "unregistered" state will make the software unusable. However, once the new registration code is entered, the software will be usable again for the years renewed..

For the Retail CD-Rom version, the "unregistered" state will return the software to the Standard Version. Once the new registration information is entered, the program will become a Premium Version again for the years rnewed.